Tore H. Vikeby, Norway

I have been looking for “good” speakers for a while. By a coincidence I stumbled over Bert’s web pages in June 2000. In September 2000 I received a large package from Holland. The assembling of the horns and the Onken cabinets was done without too many difficulties. I am not an experienced craftsman, so congratulations to Bert for well produced horn parts and great drawings for the Onken cabinets.

The horns are equipped with Lowther PM4A drivers. Internal wiring in the horns is Goertz speaker cable. Inside the Onken I used Cardas wire. Terminals used on the horns are WBT, and on the bass cabinets it is Supra. I did some experimenting with several brands for the internal wiring in the horns, but in my set up the Goertz cable worked really good. I had the horns painted at a car paint shop, and I am very pleased with the result. After all these speakers should be placed in my living room, and the finish had to be good.

I hooked up the speakers in November 2000. I have a 3W Tube Amp that is feeding the horns, and a 100W Integrated for the Onkens. Active crossover for the bass.

When the first tune came out of the speakers I said to my self: "Tore, you have just hit the jackpot". The sound was so liquid, fluent and airy. This was the sound I had been hunting for years. Remember, this was right out of the box. But you can hear what the speakers can do right away. The break in period for the PM4A driver was nearly 3 months. The sound just went smoother and smoother. There is a live feeling here that I really appreciate. One of my friends is a musician. He was glued in the listening chair for over 2 hours. He just shouted: "Wow, I can tell the brand of the cymbals used on this record". That is what I call realistic reproduction of music.

Thank you Bert for an extraordinary product.

Tore H. Vikeby - Norway