DIY Singular

The SINGULAR is simplest speaker we offer. A full-range filter-less (depending on which drivers you use) design, it is easy to build, and offers very balanced performance when used with drivers having a Qts between 0.3 and 0.6

If you like the sound of Fostex or Lowther drivers in a reflex cabinet you will love them in the SINGULAR, with its more efficient loading over a wider bandwidth.

The basic design for the SINGULAR was initiated by Onur Ilkorur. The SINGULAR is not a bass reflex design, which is only efficient for only half an octave. It is not a transmission line needing a lot of damping material to tame resonances. Neither is it a TQWP or ML-TQWP. Instead, it is a combination of all these loading systems, resulting in a wide-band resonator effective from 40 Hz to 250 Hz.

Nucely build Singular system...

More pictures and detailed building info can be found at:

The system is tuned for maximum efficiency using as little damping material as possible. Using only a few 30 mm thick sheets of BAF wadding (a soft synthetic fiber damping material) for damping, the system exhibits none of the honking character often associated with full-range drivers used in poorly designed horn systems.

The SINGULAR is a very easy loudspeaker to live with. All you need to do is to find the place for them in your room giving the best bass response. For more body in the bass place them closer to the back wall or even in the corner ( if you are using the lowest Q drivers). If there is too much bass or "boom" then simply pull them out of the corner, or move them away from the back wall until you find the best balance. Sometimes it helps to add some more damping material if the bass is too boomy with a certain driver.

The best material to use for the cabinets is 18-19 mm birch ply. As always, with full-range drivers this material gives the most natural tone. The 30mm thick sheets of BAF wadding should be placed as shown on the drawings.

Synthetic damping material (BAF)

Drivers we have tested and found suitable for use in this system are the AER MkI, Fostex F200A and the Fostex FE206En. The Fostex FE206En drivers may need a passive EQ-network for best tonal balance. We can supply parts for this network if required.

Thanks to Onur Ilkorur for the design, thanks to Dave Johnson for drawings and thanks to Andreas for publishing detailed information about building his Singulars (in German but the many pictures explain a lot...).

If you need more information feel free to contact Bert Doppenberg or use our Forum for support.


Fostex FE206NV (one pair)

Fostex FE206NVn 8" Full range drive unit

Click to open PDF-fileClick to open PDF-file for technical information and original Fostex enclosure suggestions to built your own loudspeakers.

The price listed is for one pair excluding sales tax (i.e. VAT, Mwst., BTW) and shipping.