Swing M3

This page is dedicated to the radical new Oris SWING M3 loudspeakers. These exclusive speakers combine exceptionally high quality horn loaded drivers with optimal cabinet design and construction to deliver ultimate performance!

Swing M2

Push them in any direction!

As the first release already seems hard to beat, the M3 shows how time and overall experiences can lead to several system enhancements.

Higher sensitivity, enlarged enclosure for deeper and more tight bass with more weight and improved integration leaving absolutely nothing to complain about unless reality is not to your liking of course...

Oris Swing M1Each pair of the basic Oris Swing M3 enclosures are made from 288 parts involving 428 holes and 348 grooves making it a very complex puzzle!

Click here for a video showing some of the CNC work done!

The resulting enclosure plays a large part in the Swing's natural tonal character without adding any disturbing "noise" to the music itself.

Besides a good loudspeaker system it should be clear that these deserve a good front end which is optimal tuned for best sound and performance. With our own audio equipment you will have the best match in terms of gain control, quality of sound and overall performance without any matching problems...we solved all by making the Crazy amplifier series which in combination with the Swing M3 loudspeakers makes the best sounding audio system you can find for very reasonable costs.

Of course you can use other equipment as the Swing M3 is not the limiting factor, it will just show very accurate what you'll feed them. The very high sensitivity and friendly impedance behavior makes the Oris Swing M3 loudspeaker system a perfect match for any type of amplifier.


Technical details:

  • Frequency response: 24Hz - 22kHz (-3dB)
  • Sensitivity: 115dB/1Watt/1m
  • Crossover frequencies: 270Hz and 7kHz
  • Netto total weight: 105kg each
  • Shipping weight: 150kg each
  • Maximum Dimensions: 146cm (height), 78cm (width) and 69cm (depth)
  • Optimal listening distance for full integration: 2,5m or more

What do other people tell about these speakers once they had a change to hear them play?

We could sum up several quotes telling basically the same thing as "the best speakers I ever heard", "this is my new reference", etc. but better would be to have a listen to the Swing's yourself and read some customer reviews through the Showroom.