Gasper, Slovenia (Update)

Gasper's system overview...

I can not find the words to say how happy I am with the Oris 150 (Lowther DX3). Now with Compact Bass (sorry – not with BD15, but Beyma’s 15G350) it comes together like Perfect Speakers – well, the guys with Swings are excluded…It was painful not to listen to the music properly – till now.

But that is not the main reason for my happiness - the best of all this is that we have the guy who made this horn combo. I would like to thanks Bert for all kind words, for all the patience, for all suggestions, for all his time and effort. He helped me to build the speakers system through the last nine years. Bert, thanks again.

How it sounds? - like Heaven. 

  • BD-Design Oris 150/Lowther DX3/crown plugs
  • BD-Design Compact bass (Beyma 15G350)
  • AudioNote KIT ONE with EHX gold 300B (it is R'N'R tube!)

  • AudioAero Capitole MkII CD player
  • Nordost Valhlla interconnect cable

  • Gryphon PSG speaker cable

  • Kemp SR and Kemp QA plug

  • HMS outlet and DIY Power Cords 

  • Stand for equipment that fits to my needs...

Have a nice time all!

Left channel during the day...


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