Ralph Grotehans, Germany (Update)

System overview...

The first time I saw those ORIS-horns I fall in love with them, but it took about 2 years before I could hear them in Kassel at AES. The same day I went home with a pair of ORIS 200's and a pair of Fostex FE206E drive units.

After some weeks of being busy the system was done and they were ready to play. I use a Single Ended Amplifier using the impressive Western Electric 421A for the ORIS 200's and a pair of SAC Igel for the Beyma basses with a AES-LineFilter.

For records there is a Scheu Premier MKII (12" arm with DL-304) with a tube pre-amp + step-up transformer, for CDs I use an Onkyo player.

My new tube amplifier!