Hein Kok, Holland

My system:

  • Oris 150 driven by AER MD3, phase plugs and Crowns.
  • La Scala bass with Craaft LC-400 drive units.
  • BD30 amplifiers with build-in crossover for the La Scala's.
  • Thorens 160 and Thorens160 super with SME3009IIIS.
  • Meixing Phono tube.
  • Mark Levinson no31 reference CD transport.
  • Mark Levinson no35 reference D/A converter.
  • Main amp: Tube Elysium La Parnasse KR300Bxls, 5u4g, el84, ecc801S.
  • Pre-amp: Tube Elysium La Piemontoise ecc99, ez81.
  • Kimber 8TC loudspeaker cable for the La Scala's.
  • WLM neutrixs Swiss made loudspeaker cable for the Oris 150's.
  • Powercords Supra LoRad 3x2,5 sqmm.
  • Pure Silver interconnects from J.V.G (hand made).
  • Kemp Elektroniks mains filtering: Power Source en Shunt Noise Surpressor (SNS).
  • Fuses: AHP.
  • Own dedicated listening room.


Love at first sight after hearing the first notes on Bert's system in Nunspeet. Finally a system that plays music the way it should. All my CD's and LP's found the best loudspeakers and my ears are being pampered...

Horns and tubes rule!

Thanks Bert!