Leif Bardh, Sweden


The system:

  • “Oris 150” painted in White Pearl with “Lowther DX4”. Wooden phase plugs.
  • Onken-cabinet with Vifa 10”
  • The stands for the Oris horns are of my own design and they are decoupled with the “Skilfing” spring suspension system.
  • On the top of the stands is a pair of “DRD45” from Welborne Labs, in the picture with TJ Mesh.
  • The Onken-bass is amplified with a homebuilt pair of single ended transistor amplifiers.
  • Turntable from the Swedish Rauna Audio opus3 “Continue” with a tangential arm “Cantus” pickup “Linn Arkiv”.
  • Passive pre with “S&BTX102” Homebuilt with a built in nonos dac.
  • DIY CD-drive using the Phillips CD-PRO2 mechanic
  • Tuner: Nakamichi.
  • In the window: Phonostage with mc-step-up, homebuilt.
  • All cables are homemade. 99, 99% silver with cotton isolation.

The rack is built by my self and is made from selected wood and is a prototype from the Swedish audio furniture brand “Skilfing”. Between the equipment and the shelves I have the “Skilfing” CONES made from a very careful selected wood and in a special design for better sound.

How does it sound? MUSIC, other expressions aren’t necessary. But as a music lover and hifi interested guy I want to test some more “gear”.

Here are a few of my goals for the future: new cd-drive (on my workbench), new PSU for the DRD 45:s(on its way), enclosures for my Altec 515(on its way), new dac with USB, new drivers, more tube amps, and, and, and,………

Maybe, the never ending story...

Best regards,

Leif Bardh, Sweden