Dennis Lees, United Kingdom

I am a new convert, previously I used Hedlund Horns with DX4's and these were great on some types of music, not so good on others.


My system: 

  • Oris 150 with Lowther ( EX2 for the time being )
  • Front horn with rear distributed port bass ( 15" Fane Colossus 15XB until upgrade )
  • The Oris 150's are driven by a SLA (7.2 aH) powered T amp which I have modified and built into a nice chassis.
  • Bass Horns at the moment active using 200 watt plate amps used wide open into passive 160Hz c/o.
  • Pre-amp Ming Da MC-7R
  • Turntable Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace with Goldbug Medusa
  • Art Audio Vinyl One phono amp modified by myself ( volume adjust and Mc transformers)
  • CD Shanling CDT 100
  • Tuner Leak Troughline Stereo.

The bass horn constructed of birch ply 18mm was made possible when I viewed the excellent site on the showroom, I found it easy to follow the picture show.

Thanks Bert for the excellent service and product quality.

Regards Dennis Lees