Thomas Turk, Vienna

First Photo... Now you see the equipment

Second Photo... Now you don't

The sound: My ears are daily calibrated to the absolute from... the son who is studying flute, violin and piano, (and conducting) at Vienna Music U, Then.. I play amateur trombone and piano, and, the wife plays amateur piano, violin and acoustic guitar. We go to classical concerts, sometimes twice a week. Home listening is all/only full classical repertoire. The sound of this system, depending on the software, is very, very close to the absolute. On some LPs, eg on Erato, 'The Messiah', or 'Semele', voice is LIVE!! After listening to the system for some time, the ears re-calibrate and the music is accepted as 'live'...until ...the first live note of the Vienna Phil, of course...

Observations: It has taken up to 50 years to retrieve all that what was put into the LP groove. LP still the winner, with , the natural swell of dynamics, and, the above 20k frequencies for the realism. ( Yes, we can hear the ictus, the leading edge of the sound wave, up to 26k!)

Plans: To record concerts on DAT, using Danish Audio Pro mini mikes, for better, and more varied software.. With 25 microphones counted for the new EMI recordings of the Vienna Phil, I will give new CDs a miss solder in some machmat cap upgrades.

A big thanks to Bert for making available many of the vital components, needed to make this chain so good ( without having to need to spend 150k on Wilson speakers, 30K on amps etc) The AER MD3 plus Oris 200, musical magic; (shivers down the spine from Fischer Diskau, in the lounge, singing Schubert Lieder) the Django, clean, effortless, it is NOT THERE, the twindac, heavenly, almost LP sound, only unable to give us... what is missing,in the CD; and the filter.for the bass amp, for superb integration to the thunder growlers. ( When the bass drum in the RCA Red Seal LP of Tchaikovsky 4 hits, we get socked out of the sofa, same as in the conceert hall!)

The system: All interconnects Siltech Silver. Filter Tice. Analogue: Atmosphere Turntable. Ring Mat. Nottingham Analogue Straight Line Tracker Arm. Van den Hul silver arm wire. Cartridge Man's Music Maker Mark 3 Cartridge 4mv. Transcendent Sound Tube Phono. CD: 47 labs Shigaraki cd drive. Twindac. .. To the Django Passive Volume Control. then, Mid/High: Transcendent Sound SE OTL. 1.5 watts, Oval 9 Cable, AER MD3, Oris 200, (slung onto the insides of the 'growler' towers, with webbing straps). Bas: Berts passive filter, Chord Transistor amp 800 watts 2 ohms, Siltech Siver cable, Kinergetic Towers, 5 X8 inch growlers, flat to 18hz. (effortlessly and musically integrated at 210 hz). Artwork: Red Dressing Gown by Jim Dine. Invitation: to anybody living near/in/passing thru Vienna, to audition.