Rudi Liebergesell, Germany

Hi short-long-and greenhorns!

If you visit the showroom on Berts website, you can read all about the qualities of the Oris. So I don't want to steel your time with a repetition of all these points. A full-range driver in a backloaded horn needs a tube amp like Bert needs his coffee and cigarettes. That's nothing new. But with the Oris front horn, even an integrated amp with a Lowther PM6C sounds good. That's amazing!

The Netherlands brought us Rudi Carell and Linda de Mol. So therefore it's only fair that we can listen to the amazing Oris now.:-)))


From this, millionaires don't need to read further. Here are two cheap tricks.


If you are looking for a good DA-Converter,try the Sony MDS-Je 510.Yes- it is a minidiscplayer.Connect your digital sources with the coax or optical input of the 510. There is an analog input too. Eject the disc and press the record button. The display shows "DA"-ready.

The "kitchen" speaker cable.

This is what you need:

  • Roll off the aluminum foil as long as you need.
  • Glue two stripes of package tape (5cm broad) over the whole length on the dim side of the foil.
  • Turn the foil and glue the tape on the shiny side, except 2cm at every end.
  • Cut the two 5cm stripes into four 2,5cm stripes with a cutter knife.
  • Aluminum foil is hard to solder, you need two-pieces-bananas where you can clamp the foil. If you use pins, you have to do a wire wrap connection.
  • Put an extra stripe of tape around the banana socket and glue it with the package tape (the black one on the picture). This makes the connection between the foil an the bananas a lot stronger.
  • To make this foil cable look better (and make it stronger) you can cover it in the silver tape.

Ok-and what is Rudi doing next (not Mr.Carell I think)? The DIY-amp needs a DIY CD-player. Maybe finished at Christmas (I don't say which year).

And the vinyl records are shouting for a tube preamp. And .......stop here.

Easy listening,