Ron Welborne, USA

I have been listening to the Oris horns for well over two years now and find them to be the most envolving and musical speaker I have ever owned. Words cannot really describe the joy these speakers bring to me as they are such a pleasure to have in my system.

I've only found one fault with the Oris and that is, I am not able to play them in my shop during business hours.....for if I do, I don't get any work done and instead find myself melting into my listening chair for hours.

The Moondog Audio "Maya Horn System" is my current version of this speaker. It includes the Oris 150 Horn, the new Lowther PM4A driver, a Baltic Birch folded horn bass cabinet featuring an 18 inch driver and "crossoverless" design. The total system is 106dB!

Thanks to Bert for a great horn design!