Dr. Koo, South-Korea

I have been an audiophile for about 20 years. I upgraded my audio system continuously in order to find the most natural sound. However, it was very difficult to get natural sound equipment. I tried Solid State amplifiers (Mark Levinson 27L) and a Threshold FE 10 line- and phono preamp with B&W801-3 loudspeakers. This system was detailed and well focused but too hard and sharp. I prefer warm and relax sound.

I changed to a valve preamp and power amp but I didn’t used these with the B&W 801-3 loudspeakers. I tried it with the TP1 London with a Lowther PM2A. The sound was very warm and relaxed but the bass was disappointing (somewhat loose and too delayed sound). So I looked into other type loudspeakers and decided to get horn a front horn.

I found the Oris 150 horns at Bert's website. I bought the Oris 150 horn and got the AERal driver from the Korean dealer (Mr. Yun). I added modified LaScala's (10% bigger size) with Altec 515C alnico woofers for the bass.

The Oris horns played on a handmade 300B tube-amp and the LaScala's are driven by handmade AD1 tube-amp using low pass passive filters (160Hz, 6db: consist of Solen fast cap’s and ribbon type air cores). My whole system is very transparent, dynamic, delicate, sweet, warm and lovely to listen too. I strongly would like to recommend the Oris 150 horns and the LaScala's system.


My system, for the record:

  • My own design turntable using the Sota platter and ET-2 air bearing tone arm, Fitted Phono stage is Coph Nia MC Phono Preamp and MC cartridge is Denon DL-S1
  • Thorens 124 MKII (base was my own design) fitted with Morch DP6(12" arm) and Benz Micro MC3. Phono Stage is Acoustec PH-1
  • Westrex broad casting turntable with Jinsun shock absorber base fitted Jinsun RF 297 imitation tone arm with Ortofon SPU G Royal cartridge. Phono stage is croft preamp and pre-pre amp is Klyne SK-2A
  • Micromega Duo.CD3.1 transport with monarchy audio dual 20-bit D/A converter
  • Crofts Charisma tube preamp, hand made 300B monoblocks tube power amp (Oris horn) and hand made monoblocks AD1 tube poweramp (LaScala's)
  • Hand made 845 monoblock tube power amp on duty sometimes (full range driver)